The Mind.

Power or weakness, it is often at this level that the difference between a top athlete and a champion is made.

In the world of sport or management, mental performance is always dependent from the achievement of ambitious, high goals.

Bignon Consulting is a personal or collective coaching approach to mental performance. From the inside, you learn to become stronger, more aware.

The goal : to help you better organize and direct your own thoughts and emotions to put them at your service.

In a nutshell, make yourself able to reach your highest potentials.

Our rules : Commitment, Performance and Confidentiality

Chris, founder of Bignon Consulting.


Athlete, or Champion?

You are an amateur or professional sports athlete, you feel limited or affected by emotions, thoughts that block you from performing.

If the physical and technical performances are important, the mental aspect is indissociable, indisputably. All champions know this and put some time and effort for it in their regular training.

By choosing us, you choose a different and structured approach.

These are measurable, concrete results that live up to your commitment and motivation.


Business, Business …

Stress, conflict management, difficult decision-making …

Your professional life is full of responsibilities and tasks that generate stress.

Everyone has his qualities, his limits. Lack of time, confidence and balance in one’s life can lead to burnout.

Bignon Consulting is a global, personal or collective approach aimed at seeing your world differently, taking a step back, refocusing your goals.

Being a top manager gets ready, learns and develops without forgetting himself because you are and must remain at the heart of your function, to be more efficient.

In 1 to 1 sessions or in groups, through seminars and workshops, Bignon Consulting is present in Switzerland and over the world for you and your team.